Corona-apps: The evolution of applications to mitigate Covid-19 in Latin America

In the latest episode of Centro Latam Digital’s podcast, we spoke with Carolina Aguerre, co-director of the Center for Technology and Society (CETyS) at the Universidad de San Andres about the new developments that have arisen in the context of the pandemic to address the propagation of Covid-19, also called “corona-apps”.

A few episodes ago, we had a conversation with María Paz Canales of Derechos Digitales that highlighted some of the concerns about the unfolding of these applications, particularly that they may present risks to privacy, security and protection of user data. Despite the enthusiasm around the apps, it is possible that not all of them are effective yet accessible to marginalized populations.

In this episode, we will return to this topic and discuss in more detail the evolution of the apps that have emerged in Latin America, their objectives, models of governance as well as the possible conflicts with current institutional and normative frameworks, including human rights. Carolina Aguerre speaks to us about an analysis she published with the Carolina Foundation in Spain which examines the evolution of applications in the region, their main functions, the role of the state and the public private collaborations to create them.

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