Technology and Research in Latin America: how are we doing and what do we need?

The Latin American Journal on Economics and Digital Society (RLESD) will host its first webinar on Thursday, October 29 at 10:00 a.m. CDMX / 12:00 p.m. BsAs.

The RLESD arises in response to a knowledge gap in the study and academic discussion of digital policies in Latin America. The objective of this publication is to promote the exchange of rigorous research results to influence the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies for the digital realm. Currently, a space like the one created by RLESD has become even more necessary and urgent in the region.

The webinar formally present RLESD through a conversation that will address essential issues around the creation of an academic space for digital policy in Latin America. In particular, the conversation will address the following:

  1. Why is it necessary to study the situation in Latin America, and what are the priorities in digital matters today? Evaluating the current landscape in the region in terms of access to information and communication technologies (ICTs) in relation to other regions;
  2. What do we already know and what are the knowledge gaps in research, as well as how can research be useful to other key stakeholders. How do we make research timely to inform the advocacy work carried out by civil society organizations as well as for other actors;
  3. Possibilities for opening spaces for dialogue to ensure greater representation of actors and sectors in defining priority issues.

The event will last 90 minutes and will be open to the public. There will be a presentation by the Editorial Committee followed by a presentation by the panelists:

Daniel Álvarez Valenzuela (Universidad de Chile, Chile)

Carlos Elizondo (ITESM, Mexico)

Adriana Labardini (Rhizomática, Mexico)

Melina Masnatta (Chicas en Tecnología, Argentina)

Miguel Morachimo (Hiperderecho, Peru)